At My Gourmet Products, we believe in being healthy and living actively. We provide people with healthy meal solutions. People are busy and don't always have time to prepare gourmet meals. At My Gourmet Products, we do it for you!

Our mission is to create delicious recipes for the lives of today’s busy people, for people who are on the go, for people who don’t want to sacrifice quality meals for lack of time. Our products provide the convenience and ability to make delicious meals in minutes!

My Gourmet Products uses only high-quality tuna fish and the freshest ingredients in all My Gourmet Tuna varieties. Our products don't have MSG, and we closely monitor the mercury levels in our fish. We also only use smaller, skipjack and yellowfin tuna due to their lower mercury levels.

We are keenly aware of the impact commercial fishing operations can have on the ocean's dolphin population. And so, we are committed to embracing dolphin-safe fishing practices.

We value our customer's health, time, and money. Our products are healthy and dolphin safe. Canned and pouched seafood is almost the perfect food. It’s inexpensive and provides a great source of important nutrients like Omega-3, calcium, protein, and more.