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Al-Azhar food processing Ptd Ltd
Al Azhar is a well known food chain in Singapore with one of the most deliciously tasting food. From Restaurant islandwide to wedding catering; al Azhar has been capturing the hearts of many Singaporeans and filling up their stomach with satisfaction. With great love for the food that we make, we are more than excited to share with you the spices that we personally curate for our own dishes. From home personal usage; to large purchase, we are capable of providing you and your loved ones with what you need.
Fish International Sourcing House Pte Ltd
Fish International Sourcing House (F.I.S.H.) Group is an energetic and passionate group of seafood producers providing an exceptional range of fish and seafood products. With an experience of more than 5 decades spanning two generations, access to the major fishing grounds, a vast global supplier network and 5 processing facilities in Asia, FISH is dedicated to supply global markets with the purest, freshest and best quality seafood. Our Experience and Commitment: Our experience allows us to fulfil our customers’ expectations in every step of the process. We know where, when and how our seafood products are harvested, processed and delivered to our customers We are committed to providing superior customer service by connecting with trust and respect. We provide solutions by listening and keeping a close follow-up to provide precise and immediate information; by this we ensure consistency, product integrity and traceability. Our strong customer focus is the key to success. More
Killiney Singapore
Welcome to Killiney Kopitiam - A Singapore Heritage Brand Since 1919. Founded in 1919, Killiney Kopitiam is the oldest Hainanese coffeeshop in Singapore. Traditionally famous for our Nanyang-style coffee/tea, half boiled eggs and kaya toast, Killiney now boasts an extended menu offering a wider variety of local delicacies. On EasyStockUps, we now offer our instant beverages under the same heritage brand.
At My Gourmet Products, we believe in being healthy and living actively. We provide people with healthy meal solutions. People are busy and don't always have time to prepare gourmet meals. At My Gourmet Products, we do it for you! Our mission is to create delicious recipes for the lives of today’s busy people, for people who are on the go, for people who don’t want to sacrifice quality meals for lack of time. Our products provide the convenience and ability to make delicious meals in minutes! My Gourmet Products uses only high-quality tuna fish and the freshest ingredients in all My Gourmet Tuna varieties. Our products don't have MSG, and we closely monitor the mercury levels in our fish. We also only use smaller, skipjack and yellowfin tuna due to their lower mercury levels. We are keenly aware of the impact commercial fishing operations can have on the ocean's dolphin population. And so, we are committed to embracing dolphin-safe fishing practices. We value our customer's health, time, and... More